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    How-to-Write a Caregiver Resume

    Caregiverlist Tips for Writing a Great Caregiver Resume

    1. Be Honest
      The internet and social media make fact checking much easier – tell the truth about your work history and education. If you have a reason for a gap in employment, tell why in your Cover Letter.
    2. Follow Chronological Order
      Make it easy to follow your work history and education by listing it in chronological order from the most recent job to the oldest.
    3. Provide an Objective
      This allows you to personalize your resume to stand out from the crowd and gives you the opportunity to say how your skills will contribute to the success of the company.
    4. Include 3 References
      Most companies have policies requiring a certain number of references to be checked prior to hiring an employee – make it easy for your future employer to reach someone by providing multiple contact names and numbers. If possible, provide two business references and one personal reference when seeking employment as a caregiver.
    5. Proof Read
      The details are important in caregiving. Show that you care about the details by caring enough to proof read your own resume. Make sure there are no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. Remember that “spell check” alone cannot do the job. Read and re-read and ask at least two other people to read, proof and provide feedback.

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