Ask The Expert: Many of our readers are looking at senior home caregiving as a career path. Can you briefly explain what you look for in an entry-level caregiver and what opportunities there are for personal and financial growth?

posted by: Lewis Myers Owner and President, Right at Home, Rockville, MD

Right at Home has very specific criteria for caregivers. First, they must want to be a caregiver for the right reasons. We look for someone who is very interested in providing care for individuals needing assistance and is kind and gentle. The caregiver must be pleasant, patient and have a relaxed disposition. We find that the financial aspect of becoming a caregiver cannot be the primary driver. Secondly, we look for caregivers that are on time and meet their commitments. All too frequently in our industry caregivers show up late or don’t show up at all. Promptness and reliability are critical as our clients depend on us for their care. Finally, we look for caregivers that are very interested in continuing training. We have found there is a positive correlation between a thirst for knowledge and the right characteristics to be an excellent caregiver. We make sure to offer ongoing opportunities for caregivers to enhance their caregiving skills via monthly in-services. Further, we offer our caregivers the opportunity to participate in the training our marketing partners offer. We have many and varying opportunities for a caregiver to advance. The majority entail participating in additional learning opportunities and enhancing their earnings by taking on specific types of cases. We have incentives in place that reward promptness, willingness to accept last minute cases and customer satisfaction. Our caregivers can advance within the organization based on their experience and performance. We also encourage our companions/homemakers to become CNAs and our CNAs to consider additional schooling to become a nurse, for example.

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Posted by:Patricia Herrick

6/11/2013 9:55:47 AM

I'm looking for a patient companyon sitter job

Posted by:Deborah Arp

5/15/2013 2:13:00 PM

I've gone on a couple of interviews for home-care and am well qualified and have my certified nursing and home health aide certifications. The first interview actually called me back for a second interview and the second job contact, I did an orientation and have not been contacted since. What's going on and why does it take so long to go through this hiring process?

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