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Lewis Myers Lewis Myers Owner and President, Right at Home, Rockville, MD Lew has been designing and implementing patient support services for the last 20 years, specializing in medication compliance, training and reimbursement support for patients with long term chronic diseases. His goal has always been to help patients live a more normal life, allowing them to enjoy their families, careers and social activities by making it easier to manage their long term diseases. Lewis recently transitioned to owning the Right at Home business as the next step in his career evolution, hoping to help seniors maintain and improve their quality of life by providing a helping hand they may need when they need it. His Right at Home franchise has been thriving since 2004.

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Many of our readers are looking at senior home caregiving as a career path. Can you briefly explain what you look for in an entry-level caregiver and what opportunities there are for personal and financial growth?

Right at Home has very specific criteria for caregivers. First, they must want to be a caregiver for the right reasons. We look for someone who is very interested in providing care for individuals...Continue

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