Caregiver Coronavirus Infection Control Training


Caregiver Safety During Coronavirus Outbreak

Senior caregivers are trained in how to safely provide caregiving services while also protecting themselves. Basic infection control training is part of the training topics mandated for professional caregiver training in more than 33 states in the U.S.A. Licensed senior home care agencies train their caregivers on how to care for seniors which includes infection control.

#1 Way to Prevent Infections Continues to be: Proper Handwashing
Watch this video to learn how to go the extra mile to properly wash your hands: 2 Minutes, 45 Seconds

Caregiverlist's Certified Nursing Aide, Anna Hoopes, demonstrates proper handwashing.
Tips and Facts for Safe Handwashing during COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak
  • Don't shake people's hands
  • Keep your distance: no hugs or kisses and remain 6 to 10 feet away from people you do not know
  • Avoid contaminated surfaces such as door handles in bathrooms and faucets - use a paper towel as barrier
  • Use your shoe instead of your hand to open a door or flush a toilet
  • Use your key to punch an elevator button
  • Clean surfaces and your cell phone with disinfectant (rubbing alcohol works)
  • Don't touch your face unless you have just washed your hands and are in the privacy of your own home
  • Use a humidifier, keeping humidity up will help the protective membranes in your nose from getting dry to better keep out infections

Caregiver Staff Training which includes an easy-to-use tracking portal and state-approved training courses has been created for senior home care agencies, by experienced senior home care professionals.

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