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Caregiverlist’s caregiver staff training keeps you and your team compliant with minimum state training requirements. Our caregiver staff training courses are both comprehensive and convenient. We offer online bundled courses designed for the industry and custom branded for your company. We've walked in your shoes as agency owners and offer the senior care industry's fastest page speed for training and the only online caregiver training content written just for caregivers.

Contract-Free - Industry's Fastest Page Speed - No App's Required - Smart-Phone, Tablet, Desktop Friendly - Meets State Mandates - Best Training Available

Caregiver Training Languages Include: English  -  Spanish - Tagalog -  Hindi - Polish - Russian

 Employee Training Matched to State Laws                   Written for Caregivers Working in Homes

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Private duty home care, Medicaid community home care and assisted living communities are constantly hiring new caregivers, and every state has specific caregiver staff training requirements and ongoing training, known as Continuing Education Units (CEUs). For organizations hiring new caregivers or managing large teams of caregivers specializing in Medicaid and private duty environments, providing easy-to-use training that educates and rewards caregivers helps you to thrive.

It has never been simpler to deliver caregiver education programs that fit the needs of the modern care industry. We lead the way in the industry - no clunky Apps required - we're in-the-cloud and a pleasure for your managers and staff to access and track the annual professional care training requirements.

Private Duty HomeCare ≈ Medicaid HomeCare ≈ Assisted Living

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How can you get started?

Implementing a brand-new training course need not be complex or awkward. We know you don’t have time to focus your resources on figuring out how to integrate caregiver training solutions into your existing setup.

We offer fully customized online training according to the requirements of your state (we were the first in the industry to do this), and include the policies and procedures needed for your licensed senior care company. There are no standardized solutions. Every caregiver staff training course is tailored to your state's requirements and offers a series of renewal courses to help your caregiver's build their skills. In addition, with just a couple of clicks you can brand the training specifically for your organization.

But what does this mean for staff?

Regardless of their seniority, Medicaid and private duty caregiver staff must manage their time wisely. Complicated training interfaces are a thing of the past with Caregiverlist. You won't need to waste time reminding caregivers to take their training.

We offer two-click enrollment for courses that can be accessed on smartphones and tablets. Carry out training anywhere, anytime, and fit continuing education for caregivers around busy schedules.

"The Caregiverlist system is easy-to-use and is always up-to-date with regulation requirements and age-related illness research progress. The Caregiverlist team is professional, easy-to-work-with and very responsive to any requests or needs." -Justin Haagen, Owner and Instructor, Safety Matters, California

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