Caregiver Salary, Hourly Pay Rates & Wages

Interested in the typical caregiver salary? Caregiver pay rates will be more than minimum wage in each state and vary based on the employer and job position. Hourly pay for caregivers matches cost-of-living rates, which means the caregiver pay will be higher in cities and lower in rural areas, as rural areas generally have a lower cost of living. A senior caregiver may work for a senior home care agency, assisted living community, hospice, or nursing home.

Training requirements differ depending on the job, however, hiring companies usually provide free training to new employees. So, how much does a caregiver get paid per hour?

Below are average caregiver hourly rates based on experience and qualifications: 

Hourly Pay Rate for Beginning Non-medical Senior Caregivers: $8 - $12

Hourly Pay Rate for Experienced Non-medical Senior Caregivers: $9 - $15

Hourly Pay Rate for Certified Nursing Aides (C.N.A.’s): $10 - $16

Hourly Pay Rate for Certified Home Health Aides (C.H.H.A.’s): $9 - $16

In terms of a caregiver’s weekly pay, at $8/hr for 40 hrs/wk, you would make $320, before taxes. And at $16 per hour for 60 hours per week, you would make $640, before taxes. Using those same hourly rates, a caregiver’s salary per month would be approximately $1,387 and $2,773, respectively. Receiving caregiver holiday pay will depend on whether or not paid holidays are part of your benefits as a full-time employee.

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What Influences a Senior Caregiver’s Salary?

Caregiver wages are influenced by multiple things, like prior experience, amount of care, and how many additional responsibilities there are. For example, if you have years of prior experience caring for seniors, your senior caregiver's hourly rate will likely be higher than someone who does not. Additional responsibilities, such as transportation or housework, may also require reimbursement or a higher wage.

Caregiver pay also fluctuates significantly, depending on where you work. In-home caregiver pay working for an individual, for example, maybe higher than at a caregiver agency. In those situations, the average pay for in-home caregivers is determined by the homeowner, rather than an agency or another entity. 

Lastly, you’ll want to consider how much you’re willing and able to work, as that will directly impact your salary. Salaries will vary, and often a part-time caregiver’s salary is going to be less than a full-time, private caregiver's salary. However, if you’re interested in being a live-in or full-time senior caregiver, you’ll likely be compensated more for the extra time. And, on top of that, overnight caregiver brings better pay than caregiver pay for only working during the day, even within the same caregiver agency. For more information on what this role entails, read our guide on how to become a caregiver

Location and caregiver pay rates

So, what is the average pay for a caregiver? Location, location, location. A caregiver’s salary — or hourly rate — is largely determined by location. Like most jobs, a caregiver job salary in a major city, like Los Angeles or Chicago, tends to be higher than in rural areas, as the cost of living in rural areas is generally lower.

Below is the average pay for a caregivers in several major U.S. cities: 

  • Houston, TX: $11.50 - 13.75
  • San Antonio, TX: $25
  • Dallas, TX: $14 - $15
  • Chicago, IL: $10
  • Brooklyn, NY: $18.75 - $19.50
  • New York, NY: $18 - $21
  • Las Vegas, NV: $10 - $12.50
  • Los Angeles, CA: $15 - $15.50
  • San Diego, CA: $15.50 - $16.25
  • Philadelphia, PA: $20
  • Miami, FL: $14 - $15
  • West Palm Beach, FL: $13.25 - $14.25
  • Orlando, FL: $14.75 - $15
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL: $17.50 - $20
  • Phoenix, AZ: $16 - $18.50
  • Denver, CO: $19 - $21.75
  • Charlotte, NC: $15 - $16
  • Minneapolis, MN: $18.75 - $23.50
  • Atlanta, GA: $11 - $14.50

Do education requirements impact caregiver wages?

A caregiver’s average salary also differs based on education and credentials. The more specific certifications and licenses you have, the more likely you’ll get paid more. For instance, maybe you have a special certification in caring for patients with dementia or other health issues. Or, maybe you have a social work license. All of these factors would help increase your wage as a senior caregiver. Caregiver training courses may be taken online, to match your state's caregiver certification mandates.

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