Senior Caregiver Recruitment and Caregiver Training Tools

Caregiver Recruitment and Caregiver Training

Recruitment Tools for Senior Home Care Agencies, Hospices, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Communities and Hospitals

California Senior Home Care Agencies Needing Training Bundles for new Consumer Home Care Protection Act

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(We've got you covered with pricing bundles to meet your budget and can upload and enroll all of your caregivers for you + can access the Certified Caregiver Registry and hire caregivers who are already trained. 5 Hours of Renewal Training for Core Competencies with 1-click).

Caregiverlist assists senior care companies to hire:

  • Professional Senior Caregivers
  • Homemakers
  • Companion Caregivers
  • Certified Home Health Aides (C.H.H.A.'s)
  • Certified Nursing Aides (C.N.A.'s)
  • Personal Care Assistants (P.C.A.'s)

Created by senior care industry professionals, Caregiverlist developed customized tools to assist senior care companies to more efficiently hire just the right caregiving staff for their ever-evolving senior care clients.

Reach 1,000's of Pre-Qualified Professional Caregivers

Monthly Subscription

Annual Subscription (Quarterly, 6-Month and Annual Discount Payment Plans)

Senior care companies may access online CAREGIVER TRAINING TOOLS: Training ALL YOUR CAREGIVERS in 1 PORTAL.

1-Click Enrollment into Certified Caregiver Training Course.

Caregiverlist's Sherpas assist recruiters to quickly learn about all the latest technology offerings to contact multiple qualified applicants with easy-to-use online tools.


Caregiverlists' online filtering system eliminates cumbersome job board postings and guarantees a targeted database of caregivers all organized by the exact criteria you need for the initial screening process. Our Applicant Tracking System allows you to maintain an ongoing list of all caregivers in your marketplace (more than 10,000 professional caregivers and nursing aides in the top metro areas). You may mirror our job application on your website for easy Applicant Tracking.

Caregiverlist actively works with resources in each community to maintain a steady flow of quality caregiver, home health aide and certified nursing aide applicants in ever city nationwide. As the quality of care directly correlates with the quality of the caregiver, Caregiverlist has developed systems that generate the highest quality professional caregiver applicants.

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