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Caregiverlist Jobs News: RN Safe Staffing Act, lCaregiver Spotlight, Refer-a-Friend5/7/2013 - Caregiverlist Jobs News: Alzheimer's App, Home Care Background Checks, Refer-a-Friend4/29/2013 - Caregiverlist Jobs News: Senior Care Agency ?'s, Background Check FAQ + Refer-a-Friend4/22/2013 - Senior Care Agency Expert Blog, Background Check FAQ, Refer-a-Friend4/22/2013 - Caregiverlist News: Texas' Scooter Store Lawsuit, Caregiver Background Checks4/13/2013 - Caregiverlist News Roger Ebert Remembered, Caregiving Jobs Video, Refer-a-Friend4/5/2013 - Caregiverlist News: New Proposed Minimum Wage, Medicare Medication Prices3/29/2013 - Caregiverlist Newsletter: Idea for Future Caregiving Corps, PTSD in Old Age, Refer-a-Friend3/24/2013 - Caregiverlist Newsletter: Dementia Leading Cause of Death for Seniors3/16/2013 - Caregiverlist Newsletter: Tina Turner on Vogue Cover, 106 Year Old Woman Graduates3/8/2013 - Companionship Exemption, Nursing Homes in Pop Culture, Refer-a-Friend3/7/2013 - CNBC Profiles Senior Home Care Growth Today3/6/2013 - Faulty Hip Replacements, Caregiver Jobs, Refer a Friend & Win $503/5/2013 - Women's History Month & Caregiving, Staying Active, Refer-a-Friend3/1/2013 - Caregiverlist News: Boomer Summit Discount & Enter to Win $2502/28/2013 - Boomer Summit Discount,Take Home Care Pulse Survey, Enter to Win $2502/15/2013 - Senior Superbowl Commercial, Caregiving for Spanish Speakers, Refer-a-Friend10/5/2012 - Caregiverlist Newsletter: Seniors Adapt Motorcycles & Preventing Falls at Home9/26/2012 - Caregiverlist Newsletter: Online Dating for Seniors and Optimist on Aging9/20/2012 - Robot Provides Caregiving of the Future, Refer-a-Friend & Win9/14/2012 - Walk to End Alzheimer's, Health Benefits of Fitness Before Aging & Caregiver Training Poll9/7/2012 - Cataract Surgery Lowers Risk of Hip Injury, Clinical Trials & Caregiver Training Poll9/1/2012 - Amy Poehler in Worker's Rights PSA, Chocolate for Brain Function & Caregiver Training Poll8/24/2012 - 63-year-old Dares to Swim 103 Miles, Medicare Fraud Prevention & Caregiver Training Poll8/17/2012 - Cosmo Editor Tribute, Social Media Provide Connectivity & Refer a Friend and Win8/10/2012 - Helen Gurley Brown Passes, Skype, Facebook Provide Connectivity8/4/2012 - Older Olympians Competing & Caregiver Quality Vital, Refer a Friend and Win7/20/2012 - New Alzheimer's Treatment & 5 Wishes To Plan For Future Care7/13/2012 - Bureau of Labor Tracks Elder Care & Prescription Drug Mark Up Regulations6/29/2012 - Working Past Retirement Age & Community for LGBT Seniors6/15/2012 - Affordable Care Act Closes Donut Hole & Medical Alert Systems for Seniors Living Alone5/25/2012 - Nancy Reagan Falls, Breaks Ribs & 3 Reasons for Seniors to Own Pets5/11/2012 - Fighting Senior Hunger, USA Today Sparks Caregiver Pay Debate & Win $1005/6/2012 - Google Car Drives Itself, Medicare Fraud Alert & Win $1004/30/2012 - Exercise to Avoid Dementia, New Senior Prank Show & Win $1004/16/2012 - Hospitals Open Geriatric Units, Stress Awareness Month & Win $1004/7/2012 - Socialite Brooke Astor Estate Settled, 1940 Census Data & Win $1003/23/2012 - 3 Ways to Avoid "Grandparent Scams," TSA for Senior Travelers & Win $1003/16/2012 - Dancing With Martina Navratilova, iPads For Seniors & Win $1003/10/2012 - 3 Disaster Preparation Tips, Knitting as Therapy & Win $1003/4/2012 - Oscar Goes to 82-Year-Old, Prison Caregivers & Win $1002/24/2012 - Medicare Fraud, Small Business Opportunities for Caregivers2/12/2012 - Glen Campbell and Music Therapy for Alzheimer's and Elder Orphans1/6/2012 - Caregiver's Gist: Minimum Wage Increases, Caregiver Pay and Caregiver of the Month12/30/2011 - Caregiverlist Newsletter: Minimum Wage Increases, Caregiver Pay 12/9/2011 - Caregiverlist Newsletter: Bringing the "Home" Back11/26/2011 - Caregiverlist Newsletter: Diane Keaton on Her Mom, Share in the Discussion & Win $10011/20/2011 - Caregiverlist Newsletter: Rick Perry Lessons, Hollywood and Caregiving, Win $10011/13/2011 - Caregiverlist Newsletter: Washington State Voters Double Caregiver Training Requirements 11/6/2011 - Caregiver Training Hours May Increase and New Forums Connect Caregivers10/22/2011 - Update on the CLASS Act and New Games for Caregivers10/15/2011 - The CLASS Act Gets an A for Senior Support10/8/2011 - Caregiver Training and Fall Weather Brings Flu Season9/23/2011 - Siblings Taking Care of Aging Parents: Tips for Traveling with the Elderly9/17/2011 - New Law For Senior Care Referrals & When An Elderly Driver Should Curb It For Good9/11/2011 - Caregivers Needed Despite Tough Times & Helping Seniors Age Well9/4/2011 - Take a Break to Celebrate Labor Day & Enjoy a Caregiving Book or Movie8/26/2011 - Hershey's Compensation Issues & Living with Alzheimer's Disease