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Senior Care Options

Senior home care, assisted living, and nursing homes might sound similar, but they’re different situations. For instance, a nursing home is ideal if you require round-the-clock medical care, such as preventative care, rehabilitation services and medication management, in addition to personal care.

An assisted living facility, however, is best suited for individuals who require personal care but DO NOT require 24/7 medical care. Essentially, assisted living allows residents to retain some independence, but also provides some medical supervision to ensure they maintain their health.

Because residents at assisted living facilities are often healthy — for the most part — a big draw is socialization and access to recreational activities that otherwise would require residents to travel to enjoy. So, if you or your loved one is relatively healthy, but no longer wants to deal with the upkeep and maintenance of a home or isn’t capable of driving themself anymore, assisted living may be perfect.

On the other hand, senior home health care allows your loved one to continue to live at home with a certified caregiver. The caregiver would be responsible for personal care and limited medical attention.

Next Steps

After exploring your options, filling out the form above and submitting your request, our tool searches for caregiver agencies offering home health care for seniors and nursing homes and assisted living homes near you. Then, we’ll connect you with the top three recommendations in your local area.

All of our suggestions are based on your budget, location, and the living preferences you submitted. This way you can make a decision based on the unique needs of your loved one.

For example, if you want to find in-home senior care, our tool will only search local caregiver databases to find the top-rated caregivers in your area. On the other hand, if you’re only interested in assisted living and nursing homes, our tool will filter out information from certified caregiver databases.

If you need extra help finding senior care, feel free to create your own care plan by following our simple 10-step system, which helps to break down all of the important details and map out your options.

If you’d prefer not to use an in-home senior care finder, we offer one-on-one support as well. Our Caregiverlist Care Concierge service includes a 30-minute consultation with a senior care expert, as well as a detailed price breakdown of senior care options in your local area for only $99