Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Caregiver Training Mandate for New Illinois Law

Illinois Alzheimer’s Training Requirement as of June 2, 2019

CODE 245: Senior Home Care Agencies as HOME SERVICE

Train your Caregivers for Illinois' new professional senior caregiver requirement with Caregiverlist's custom courses.

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  • Supervisors: 8-hours annual training related to Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care

  • Staff: hired after June 2, 2019: 6 Hours of Initial Training in first 60-Days

Caregivers with direct access to clients with Alzheimer’s disease or related Dementias

DOES NOT APPLY to Staff: who have received 6 hours of comparable training or certified training PRIOR to being hired or temporary staff filling in at a nursing home to allow nursing home to maintain statutory staffing requirements.


IL Caregiverlist 6-Hour Alzheimer’s and Dementia New-Hire Training

Section 1: Understanding Dementia: Hoarding, Paranoia, Hallucinations, Sundown Syndrome

Section 2: Effectively Communicating with Individuals with Alzheimer’s

Section 3: Assisting Individuals with Dementia in Performing ADL’s

Section 4: Problem Solving with Individuals with Dementia who Exhibit Challenging Behavior (such as Aggressive and Catastrophic Behaviors)

Section 5: Fundamentals of Dementia Care

Section 6: Safe Environments

Section 7: Managing the Activities of Individuals with Dementia


IL Caregiverlist 3-Hour Alzheimer’s and Dementia Annual Renewal Training

Section 1: Promoting Resident Dignity, Independence, Individuality, Privacy and Choice

Section 2: Resident Rights and Principles of Self-Determination

Section 3: Care of Elderly Persons with Physical, Cognitive, Behavioral and Social Disabilities

Section 4: effectively Communicating with Individuals with Dementia


Employers must maintain training records and make them available to the Department on request.

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