California Caregiver Training Required by California Assembly Bill Number 1217

Molly Schlanker, 10/20/2015

New California Caregiver Training and Licensing Requirements

California caregivers will now join a few other states which provide an official state registry for the home care aide caregivers to be a member of, verifying their background check information. Called the Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act, and sometimes referred to as "bill 1217", this new law will be in effect in January of next year for all California senior caregivers and senior home care agencies.

California Assembly Bill Number 1217 mandates specifics for the business licenses of senior home care agencies (most of these were already being followed by senior home care companies) and 5 hours of initial caregiver training followed by 5 hours of training each year.  The training specifics are found in Aricle 8. Affiliated Home Care Aides, section 1796.44 of this law.

From California Assembly Bill 1217 (Enforcement begins January, 2016)

Article  8. Affiliated Home Care Aides


(a) A home care organization licensee shall ensure that prior to providing home care services, an affiliated home care aide shall complete the training requirements specified in this section.

(b) An affiliated home care aide shall complete a minimum of five hours of entry-level training prior to presence with a client, as follows:

(1) Two hours of orientation training regarding his or her role as caregiver and the applicable terms of employment.

(2) Three hours of safety training, including basic safety precautions, emergency procedures, and infection control.

(c) In addition to the requirements in subdivision (b), an affiliated home care aide shall complete a minimum of five hours of annual training. The annual training shall relate to core competencies and be population specific, which shall include, but not be limited to, the following areas:

(1) Clients’ rights and safety.

(2) How to provide for and respond to a client’s daily living needs.

(3) How to report, prevent, and detect abuse and neglect.

(4) How to assist a client with personal hygiene and other home care services.

(5) If transportation services are provided, how to safely transport a client.

(d) The entry-level training and annual training on department-approved job-related topics described in subdivisions (b) and (c) may be completed through an online training program.

Senior caregivers and senior care companies may take the online caregiver certification training by Caregiver Training University and easily maintain the 5 + 5 hours of training outlined by the mandate. Senior care companies can enroll caregivers with 1-click and manage the caregiver training through their caregiver hiring portal.  Senior care companies may contact Caregiverlist to learn more about the California caregiver training tools.

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