Online Caregiver Training Options for Senior Caregivers

Molly Schlanker, 2/28/2014

Senior caregiving services have continued to grow as America's seniors are living longer while needing care for at least a few of their later years.  Senior caregiving has expanded to now offer professionally managed care in the home, adult day care centers and assisted living communities.  As the industry has grown, caregiver training standards are being implemented.  

Proper caregiver training insures both the senior and the caregiver will enjoy care services in a safe environment with a plan of care to follow.  Licensed professional caregiving companies custom a plan of care for each senior client and train the assigned caregiver to peform the care duties.  Certified Nursing Aides provide the hands-on care for seniors in nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, assisted living communities and senior home care agencies.

Certified Nursing Aides, or assistants, are referred to as C.N.A.'s. and are required to complete a state-approved training school, followed by passing the state certification exam in order to officially become a C.N.A.  Now more and more states are passing legislation to formally require caregiver training for professional senior caregivers working for senior care companies.

The Home Care Association of America, formerly the National Private Duty Association, has been instrumental in proposing legislation for formal caregiver training requirements.   While a national caregiver training program has not been passed into law, as the C.N.A. program was, many states do have basic caregiver training requirements.

Online caregiver training through the Caregiver Training University's Basic Caregiver Training Course includes:

Section 1. Caregiver Job Responsibilities and Protocol

Section 2.  Senior Caregiver Job Description

Section 3.  Communication Skills

Section 4. Care Plan and Care Plan Notes

Section 5:  Personal Care and Toileting

Section 6:  Adaptive Equipment for Transfers

Section 7:  Basic Hygiene and Basic Infection Control

Section 8: Maintaining Clean and Safe Environments

Section 9:  Basic Personal and Environmental Safety Precautions

Section 10:  Basic First Aid and Emergency Procedures

Section 11: Confidentiality of Client Personal, Financial and Health Information (HIPPA)

Section 12:  Understanding Abuse and Neglect

These twelve training segments meet the caregiver training skills the senior care industry suggests for all profssional caregivers.  The course provides a Tip Shieet for each section and a Study Sheet and quiz along with the final exam.  

Review the CTU Basic Caregiver Training course and purchase the online caregiver training course for yourself or a family member who will be providing care services for your senior loved oned.  Anyone interested in becoming a professional senior caregiver may begin a career as a companion caregiver and consider the next career step which would be becoming a Certified Nursing Aiide by taking a local C.N.A. course.  Visit the Caregiverlist Career Center for more information.


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