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Caregiver Training certification for professional caregivers and family caregivers. Become a senior caregiver and get hired quickly or take renewal caregiver certification training. Self-paced courses allow you to maintain around-the-clock access to your online caregiver course matching state caregiver certification requirements.

Review your state's caregiver training Senior Care Companies seeking to train staff

Receive certificate immediately upon finishing the online caregiver course. Fulfills care certification needs for long-term care insurance companies. Purchase caregiver training for in-home care by itself or with a t-shirt and lapel pin as part of the Professional Association of Caregivers to show recognition for your caregiver certification.


Mobile and Tablet Friendly  - Meets State Mandates - Certifies for LTCI Policies

How our training program works

  1. Click "Buy Now"
  2. Check e-mail & follow log-in instructions
  3. Review course sections, tip-sheets, practice quiz
  4. Pass exam at 75% and receive certification
  5. May re-take exam to reach passing score

Discounted Rate $59.00

The certificate will only print in the name you indicate when you purchase the training.

No refunds will be provided. Receive caregiver certificate with training topics, date and your name. Meets caregiver certification training for long-term care insurance.

Receive T-Shirt + Lapel Pin with Training: $79


Review State Caregiver Training 

Senior Care Companies: 


"Thank you for assisting me with my questions about your caregiver training program to meet the new California training requirements for caregivers. The course was easy to follow and I really enjoyed the suggested movie and book list that was included. The wallet size card is nice to be able to show my clients as getting new clients now and then is part of senior care." Taisha Brooks

"I passed my training the first time I took the exam and appreciate the e-mail congratulations. The t-shirt and lapel pin box was also a nice surprise. Thanks for all the fun information. Love, love, love the t-shirt!" Kelly Matthews

"The Caregiverlist system is easy-to-use and is always up-to-date with regulation requirements.. The Caregiverlist team is professional, easy to work with and very responsive to any request or needs." Justin Haagen, Owner/Instructor, Safety Matters, California

Caregiver training certification for professional caregivers and family caregivers. 

Online caregiver courses are customized to meet state caregiver training certification requirements. Purchase the self-paced online training class for yourself, meeting the 8-hour training requirement (for Illinois, Georgia and more than 30 states) and the new California 10-hour caregiver training mandate (AB 1217) along with training for basic caregiver skills and for every state. International caregiver training certification for caregiver’s living outside the U.S.A. can be obtained with our Basic Caregiver Skills 8-hour training course. Created for caregivers by Home Care Industry Professionals.

"I signed up for a course at a college campus and studied to get a caregiving certificate. It took me the whole summer. I learned more with Caregiver Training University's course than in the college campus course. You really do understand caregiving in the home."

Ana Nova, Palo Alto, California

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the caregiver training cost?

$59 or $79 to include a t-shirt and lapel pin.

How long does it take to do the caregiver training course?

You may read the material and watch the videos at your own pace. Extra time has been added to the hours for studying and taking the exam. The exam goes quickly and you see your score as you go.

What Score is Required to pass the Caregiver Course Online?

The caregiver certification training exam requires a score of 75% or higher to pass and you may re-take the exam and receive a new set of questions 2 additional times and the highest score will stick. This makes it fun to review and better retain the information taught.

What training requirements does my state require?

Each state has organized their caregiver training mandates for in-home senior caregivers and sometimes require different training for caregivers assisting those with disabilities (other times the training will be the same for both seniors and others needing care). Annual caregiver training may be anywhere from 2-hours to 76 hours. Review the training required in your state.

What training de Long-term Care Insurance companies require for caregiver certification?

To prevent fraud, most long-term care insurance companies, also called LTCI companies, will require senior caregivers to provide proof of training certification meeting their states requirements. If a state does not have a specific requirement, the 8-hour Basic Skills Training provides the certification that will meet the long-term care insurance company caregiver certification mandate. You will receive a copy of the caregiver training certificate to provide to the long-term care insurance company. Remember, insurance policies have very specific steps for submitting a claim and you will want to refer to the policy to follow the caregiver certification needs. Please call us with questions or email us as we have worked with every long-term care insurance company in the market and are happy to assist you.

How difficult will the online caregiver training course be?

The online caregiver certification classes are designed to easily explain medical terms and legal requirements such as HIPAA, to anyone seeking to be a caregiver. No experience in senior care or caregiving will be required to successfully complete the digital caregiver training certification. You’ll feel empowered to finish the course and be better prepared to provide care. Caregivers can show off their certification with a lapel pin and t-shirt.

Do you provide caregiver training for Veteran’s care?

Yes, as the care requirements for veterans will match the state’s caregiver training program topics.

What devices can you take the online caregiver training program on?

Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop or Laptop (all devices you can access the internet or world wide web on, will be able to show our online caregiver training classes). Our in-the-cloud training program delivers a very fast pagespeed (the fastest pagespeed on the market for online caregiver certification classes). That means you’ll be able to easily see the editorial information as it will quickly load and the videos also will load quickly and make it a seamless experience. No Apps are needed. Our responsive design allows caregivers to take the online training classes on a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop. The pages will adapt to the size of the screen. We also make the information easy to understand by describing concepts, laws and fancy words that may be used by the medical community.

Do you provde caregiver certification training for caregivers working for Medicaid home care agencies, private duty home care agencies, Assisted Living Communities, Residential Assisted Living Communities and Hospices?

Yes. Caregiver training varies in each state. Many times assisted living communities will hire private duty home care agencies to provide caregiving services. Review your state’s caregiver training mandates and purchase your caregiver training course.

Alzheimer's disease and memory loss training courses are sometimes required. Are they separate courses?

The classes for caregivers for annual state training mandates will often require training for caring for someone with memory loss. Alzheimer's disease is just one type of memory loss. The state of Florida requires a specific online training class for caregivers assisting someone with memory loss and this course is available. Many states allow elderly caregiver training programs to expand upon any age-related illnesses or conditions which obviously will include memory loss caregiver training. Caregivers working as in-home caregivers often will be able to learn how to engage their senior care clients in routines to help them feel more secure and engaged as they evolve through the stages of Alzheimer's Disease. Simply learning how to better communicate with someone with Alzheimer's Disease greatly improves their quality of care. The Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia training assists in-home caregivers to better provide care and understand how families and seniors process the stages of memory loss.

Do you provide Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

Yes. Many states do now require, through new laws that have been passed, for all employees to be educated on how to identify, report and prevent sexual harassment. As caregivers and home health aides have the added challenge of caring for seniors who may confuse them for a spouse, if they have memory loss, this training can be especially valuable for learning how to stay safe and effectively protect yourself and others.

How Does the Online Caregiver Training Class Work?

  1. Purchase your State’s Caregiver Training Course 
  2. Recieve Login and Password
  3. Login and Take course at Own Pace, Take Exam, Receive Certificate
  4. Maintain Ongoing Access to Training (No App Needed) 
  5. Share Your Caregiver Certification with Others
  6. Additional Languages Available: Spanish, Hindi, Tagalog, Polish + More
  7. Renew Your Training Annually
  8. Written for Caregivers by Senior Care Professionals
  9. Certificate Includes Ability to Upload Photo
  10. Download and Share your Certificate to Showcase your Training


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Review Caregiverlist Caregiver Certification Training Modules


Caregiver Job Descriptions, Responsibilities and Protocol

Professional caregivers must follow policies and procedures such as arriving on-time to their caregiving work assignment, taking care plan notes, and following all necessary care duties and safety protocol. Home Caregivers, also called Home Care Aides or Home Health Aides, are expected to follow a basic job description of duties, just as with all professional jobs.

Care Plan Notes for Documenting Client Activities

Learn proper caregiver skills for observing, reporting, and documenting daily activities, along with legal requirements and guidelines for subjective and objective notes regarding changes in the functional ability and mental status of the client.

Communication Skills

Learn how to effectively communicate with seniors from different generations, individuals with Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia, and those with hearing difficulties and special needs.

Personal Care, Bathing, and Toileting

Learn personal care tasks skills for senior clients, including bathing, skin care, hair care, mouth care, dressing, feeding, assistance with ambulation, exercise and transfers, positioning, toileting, and medication reminders.

Assistance with Ambulation, Exercise, Transfers, Fall Prevention

Safe adaptive equipment use for assisting clients with transfers from bed to chair to toilet to showers and in and out of wheelchairs. Learn types of transfers and devices used along with requirements for each device.

Basic Hygiene and Basic Infection Control

Learn how to maintain good hygiene for both the senior client and caregiver and safety to protect yourself and control infections. How to wash hands, use gloves properly, protect your face and body, and assist seniors with good daily hygiene.

Maintaining a Clean, Safe and Healthy Environment

Learn standards for maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your senior client and for everyone visiting and caring for them by using the proper products and following a scheduled cleaning routine based on care needs.

Basic Personal and Environmental Safety Precautions

Learn basic precautions for personal and environmental safety, including procedures to follow to protect both yourself and your senior client.

Emergency Procedures, Including Basic First Aid and Client’s Emergency Preparedness Plan

Learn what emergencies require basic first aid, such as cuts and burns, and what do when they happen.  Learn what events are considered natural disasters and how to create and follow an emergency preparedness plan to protect yourself and your client. Understand environmental safety precautions for homes and when working at senior care facilities.

HIPAA PART 1: Confidentiality of Client Info and HiTECH Act

Understand confidentiality requirements for personal, financial and health information and the specifics of HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and Who and What it is for as a caregiver. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 defines Covered Entities (CEs) and Business Associates (BAs). Find out more in this section. HiTech Act was an effort to speed up the transfer to electronic health records and put in place rules on how to safeguard the information.

HIPAA Part 2: Scenarios

HIPAA law and what it covers can be confusing. In this section, we will give specific scenarios to help you understand what is a violation and what isn't. If you are ever in doubt about sharing information, it is always best to be more cautious.

How to Detect, Report, and Prevent Abuse and Neglect

Learn the types of abuse and neglect, legal requirements for reporting (and legal punishments for not reporting,) and how to protect your senior client and yourself from physical, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse.


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