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Caregiverlist’s caregiver staff training keeps you and your team compliant with minimum state training requirements. Our caregiver staff training courses are both comprehensive and convenient. We offer online bundled courses designed for the industry and custom branded for your company. We've walked in your shoes as agency owners and offer the senior care industry's fastest pagespeed for training and the only online caregiver training content written just for caregivers. Find out why our customers tell us we offer the best training for both agencies and caregivers. We are 100% owned by our staff and innovated in the industry to offer unique tools you won't find anywhere else. We look forward to meeting you.

Senior Care Company Training Portal - Smart-Phone Friendly - No Contracts Required - Industry's Fastest PageSpeed - Caregiver's Preferred Training - Just $10 to $20 per Annual Course

Caregiver Training Languages Include:   English  -  Spanish - Tagalog -  Hindi - Polish - Russian and More 

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  • Enroll in 3-Clicks: Email address, First and Last Name of Caregiver + Bulk Enrollment
  • Renewal Training in 1-Click in Smart-Phone and Tablet-Friendly Digital Course
  • Home Caregiver Care Plan Samples with Objective and Subjective Care Note Examples
  • Modern Training Updated with Medication and New Care Research Regularly
  • State-specific Training + Medicaid home care training
  • Maintain Data Ongoing - Built by Home Care Agency Owners Just Like you

Buy Training Class Passes in Bundles that Never Expire from $10 to $20 per Class Pass 

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Customized Training for your state. No more hunting for the right course. We explain the law and provide the digital portal with training content designed for professional senior caregivers working in homes. Very easy for staff to access portal. Online and telephone support for caregivers. 

Built by Senior Home Care Industry Professionals Specific to Senior Home Care Company's Needs "Caring for the Caregiver"

New California Home Care Consumer Services Act for Assembly Bill 1217 Training for 10-Hours Year 1, Followed by 5-Hours of Training Annually Now Available along with Illinois, Georgia and Colorado (recent states passing legislation to require training) + Training for all States 

Caregivers may also purchase individual caregiver training for $59   

“This training is everything we wanted and needed for the state of California - easy to use and the price is right and customer service is excellent.” Kathy Luccaro, Staffing Administrator, Davis Home Care

"The Caregiverlist system is easy to use and is always up to date with regulation requirements. The Caregiverlist team is professional, easy to work with and very responsive to any requests or needs." Justin Haagen, President, Safety Matters Certified Training, LLC - Santa Barbara, CA


“We are extremely happy with the training platform provided by Our modules were fully customized from the ground up to meet our state’s very demanding training requirements. seamlessly integrated their online platform with our company website, making new courses extremely easy to deploy. Their incredibly helpful and attentive staff was there for us at every step of the way. We now enjoy an easy-to-access, comprehensive training resource that is both professional and cost-effective. Our caregivers now enjoy the convenience of training from anywhere they choose while maintaining a high level of compliance with the company.”

American Home Companion, Inc. - Reno, NV



“Seniors Helping Seniors® Fox Valley began using CTU for the first time this year and it has been a change enthusiastically welcomed by our Caregivers. They appreciate being able to now self-direct their own training and learn new and updated material created for home service non-medical caregivers. The training provides both content that can be read by the Caregivers at their own pace and many instructional videos. Caregivers found this training much easier to navigate than the previous training used. The training can be stopped and restarted again without losing credit. Caregivers are enrolled for a full year so they have the advantage of returning to the training to review material and additional training videos. CTU works on all forms of technology and support is available by email or phone call although our Providers have had no technical issues as they have had in the past training. Interact with the staff and you will find them accessible, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. It is also a refreshing change for the Training Director in your company. I highly recommend that if you are in the market for a new training program then you should experience the difference that Caregiver Training University offers. We certainly are glad we did!” Carol Tanquary, Office Manager, Seniors Helping Seniors - Batavia, IL

Caregiverlist’s caregiver staff training keeps you and your team compliant with minimum state training requirements. Our caregiver staff training courses are both comprehensive and convenient. We offer online bundled courses designed for the industry and custom branded for your company. We've walked in your shoes as agency owners and offer the senior care industry's fastest page speed for training and the only online caregiver training content written just for caregivers.

Certificates Reward Caregivers - White-Label Training to Match Your Brand - Best Pricing and Best Training in the Industry - Created for Caregivers - Made in the U.S.A.

 Employee Training Matched to State Laws                   Written for Caregivers Working in Homes

Caregiver Certification                    Caregiver Certification Training     

Private duty home care, Medicaid community home care and assisted living communities are constantly hiring new caregivers, and every state has specific caregiver staff training requirements and ongoing training, known as Continuing Education Units (CEUs). For organizations hiring new caregivers or managing large teams of caregivers specializing in Medicaid and private duty environments, providing easy-to-use training that educates and rewards caregivers helps you to thrive.

It has never been simpler to deliver caregiver education programs that fit the needs of the modern care industry. We lead the way in the industry - no clunky Apps required - we're in-the-cloud and a pleasure for your managers and staff to access and track the annual professional care training requirements.

Private Duty HomeCare ≈ Medicaid HomeCare ≈ Assisted Living  ≈  Residential Assisted Living (RAL) Training

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​Learn more about the power of caregiver education programs for your organizations. Caregiverlist specializes in training that provides all the requirements for auditor reports in 1-click and both brands your training as your own at no extra cost and rewards your caregivers. Find out why every company that has reviewed all the offerings has chosen Caregiverlist's training platform

Let us help you deliver a higher standard of care and showcase the trained proficiency of your staff to your local community.

Get in touch now for a full Screenshare Tour, by senior care professionals who have operated a home care agency just like you.

Caregiver Training University

Join the Caregiver Training University and benefit from the highest quality training that includes topics such as HIPAA, written in a way caregivers at a high-school level of education will be able to understand and retain. Our learning management system enables caregivers and home health aides to easily take the online courses on their smart phones, tablets or desktops and take an exam to retain the information. We were the first company in the industry to offer an in-depth exam, with 3 different versions of exam questions which delivers better outcomes and caregivers who are happy to showcase their certificates.

At Caregiverlist, we've innovated in the industry to offer you training delivers the best product to your caregivers, while also saving you money and offering a best-in-class portal for enrolling caregivers and maintaining historical data. We don't offer "seats" because we are not an airline! We offer a training portal that's in the cloud and maintains all of your data ongoing with unlimited access. 

  • Purchase Class Passes in Bundles (Never Expire to Meet your Evolving Staffing)
  • Easy 2-Click Enrollment of Caregivers
  • Smart Phone and Tablet Friendly 
  • Caregivers Maintain Login access to Account for Easy 1-Click Renewal Training Enrollment
  • Audio and Video included
  • Exam: Confirms Retention of Knowledge 
  • Customized to Launch on your Company's Website
  • Renewal Courses
  • Courses Customized for State Requirements and includes Outlines for State Auditors 
  • Support for Caregivers and Senior Care Company Staff
  • Customization Available for your Company's Policies and Procedures
  • Modern Training Updated Regularly with New Industry Practices and Research
  • Care Plan and Care Plan Notes
  • Suggested Books and Movies for Senior Caregivers Working in Homes
  • Spanish Language Versions Professional Translated

How can you get Started?

Implementing a brand-new training course need not be complex or awkward. We know you don’t have time to focus your resources on figuring out how to integrate caregiver training solutions into your existing setup.

We offer fully customized online training according to the requirements of your state (we were the first in the industry to do this), and include the policies and procedures needed for your licensed senior care company. There are no standardized solutions. Every caregiver staff training course is tailored to your state's requirements and offers a series of renewal courses to help your caregiver's build their skills. In addition, with just a couple of clicks you can brand the training specifically for your organization.

But what does this mean for staff?

Regardless of their seniority, Medicaid and private duty caregiver staff must manage their time wisely. Complicated training interfaces are a thing of the past with Caregiverlist. You won't need to waste time reminding caregivers to take their training.

We offer two-click enrollment for courses that can be accessed on smartphones and tablets. Carry out training anywhere, anytime, and fit continuing education for caregivers around busy schedules.

The Importance of Caregiver Staff Training

Investing in your staff and committing to continuing education improves your ability to attract top talent and deliver superior care. While many companies are experiencing the challenges of the shortage of qualified, experienced caregivers across the country, senior care companies who train and reward their caregiving staff develop a regular pathway for professional caregiver employees to join their teams.

Committing your company to the continuing development of caregiving skills and rewarding them with certificates enables you to better compete and attract the best of the best. Recognizing caregiver certification better attracts and retains caregivers and elevates your brand.

Caregiver education training programs go beyond compliance with state mandates laws and training regulations by franchises and corporations. Providing training branded in your name, regardless of state training regulations, modernizes care and increases your standards of service to both caregivers and senior care clients.

Caring for those who need more assistance with activities of daily living requires specific skills. In addition, privacy requirements that must be maintained by caregivers do require deeper training in order to be upheld. As you build a team of highly trained caregivers, you raise the standards for senior care across the industry and train your community on the value of senior care career paths.

Investing in caregiver staff training allows you to future-proof your organization from an agency perspective. Talented caregivers will want to work for companies that invest in them. They will show their certificates to their friends and family which helps build your brand name and promote your company. Support your staff and be rewarded by better care outcomes and high staff retention.

Because our training platform is actually called "Caregiver Training University", caregivers feel empowered to become trained and are grateful for the experience. Read our real caregiver reviews.

Purchasing caregiver education training programs deliver return-on-investment, along with recognition and fulfillment for your caregiving staff. This helps you to become the top company in your market.

One of our founders operated the number one agency in the Chicago metropolitan market (3rd largest metro market in the country). We've walked in your shoes and know the tools you need to be competitive in the industry and provide you with a turn-key solution to train the modern caregivers of tomorrow and promote your senior care company in the process.

Caregiver Education Includes What Type of Training Content and Tools?

Caregiverlist provides courses tailored to the requirements of your state and local region. Our pricing works as we don't need to lock you into contracts. You'll buy bundles of training course passes and then buy more when you need them. You'll also receive branding tools at no extra cost and maintain all of your data.

The training modules and exams for our assisted living and private duty training include:

  • Communication Skills – Bolster your staff’s communication skills to increase patient satisfaction, improve adherence to taking prescribed medication, and reduce errors in care.
  • Personal Care – Deliver a higher standard of personal care, including specialist training on proper bathing and toileting.
  • Basic Infection Control – Avoid infections in both caregivers and patients by practicing impeccable hygiene standards.
  • Caregiver Protocols – Learn about the roles, responsibilities, and proper industry protocols for delivering care that meets the standards set by Federal and state regulations.
  • Emergency Procedures – Gain basic first aid certifications and produce emergency preparedness plans.
  • HIPAA – Study current HIPAA regulations to maintain patient confidentiality and learn about the HITECH Act.
  • Abuse Prevention – Gain knowledge of detecting, reporting, and preventing neglect and abuse in the caregiving industry.

These are just some of the topics a private duty and residential assisted living caregiver will tackle. Many of these modules provide the basis for obtaining professional qualifications and certifications staff will be able to continue to renew throughout their career. As you continue to hire part-time and full-time caregivers, you will be able to attract college students who want the certification to grow their careers in healthcare as well as career caregivers who want to shine by promoting their certifications to clients.

By investing in your staff, you will create a more cohesive team of caregivers and home health aides and be able to offer specifics on your caregiver's capabilities to clients to separate your company from competitors.

How to Train Caregivers for Your Agency

Caregiverlist created training that matches your senior care company's state laws. Usually, there will be different training required for new-hire caregivers prior to their first assignment and then consistent training hours for annual caregiver training courses. Caregiverlist truly "cares for the caregiver" with all e-mail communication and a learning management system which makes it very easy for caregivers to log-in to their training. The training concepts or topics, are listed and the caregiver will go to the next section when they have reviewed all the content but always be able to see all of the topics.

Training requirements are confusing almost always. Caregiverlist simplifies the process by providing you with outlines of the training courses and shows how the classes exactly match the state laws.

The Caregiverlist training course library will contain the right topics for each year of training for Medicaid caregivers, Private Duty Caregivers and Assisted Living or RAL caregivers assisting seniors with daily activities.

We will onboard your staff and our entire team has experience as caregivers. Your home care agency may call us anytime for assistance. We have long-term customers and are able to share success stories with you and provide marketing tools along with your state-mandated senior care training.

Why do senior care companies tell us we offer the senior care industry's best training?

  • Multimedia Experience – Improve knowledge retention and increase engagement with a complete multimedia experience. Every course topic comes with full audio and video to further reinforce lessons.
  • Smartphone and Tablet Friendly – Let staff learn on the go. With the dynamic nature of the job, flexible training better fits in with caregivers' schedules.
  • Two-Click Enrollment – Starting a new course is easy for staff. It takes two clicks to enroll and two clicks to get started.
  • Staffing Evolution – Just because you’re hiring new staff doesn’t mean that you need to enroll all over again. Purchase our class passes in bundles. They never expire and can be used to meet the needs of your expanding business.
  • Permanent Login Access – Simple one-click renewal for training enrollment means you only need to register once. For more information on training caregivers for your agency, get in touch with us now.

Medicaid Caregiver Staff Training

Medicaid services assist low-income Americans who meet strict qualification requirements, based on no assets and needing care, to receive in-home senior care services. These home care programs have been given specific names along with the names for the trained caregivers providing the care, such as Home Health Aide, or HHA. An HHA must complete specific senior care training that has been mandated in each state in the U.S.A. and usually will be a minimum of 12-hours of non-skilled and clinical course training. Anyone who shows they are dependable and caring may become a Medicaid caregiver. The training will be given to them by the Medicaid senior care company.

Review below some of the Medicaid-specific topics that are included in the training courses:

  • Case Notes – Caregivers providing care to Medicaid seniors must take more detailed case notes than conventional caregivers for reporting purposes. The system is different, so our course familiarizes your staff with the latest requirements.
  • Abuse and Neglect – State governments pay extra attention to senior abuse and neglect. Our modules make this aspect of the job a priority to ensure your agency’s team remains compliant.
  • Recertification Help – HHAs are required to be retrained/recertified annually. Our courses support staff in the recertification process.

These modules are specific to Medicaid, but our courses also provide all the necessary training for new HHAs, including hygiene procedures, infection control, and essential listening skills.

Check out our Medicaid-specific caregiver staff training bundles for more information on the most comprehensive HHA courses in the business.

Private Duty Caregiver Staff Training

Private duty caregivers treat seniors within their own homes. Your staff help seniors retain their independence while keeping them safe. They also provide respite to other caregivers.

The nature of entering a private home to provide care changes the dynamic and requires expert guidance and support. Our private duty training packages provide staff with all the skills they need to deliver care with dignity and respect.

Some examples of the modules covered include:


  • Fall Prevention – Creating and maintaining a safe environment is essential for protecting seniors round the clock. Staff will learn about how to reduce falls and accidents in any home.
  • Communication Skills – Asking open-ended questions, conflict resolution, and detecting red flags are just some examples of excellent communication skills. Your team will learn all about it in this module.
  • Hygienic Environments – In a senior’s own home, your staff must go the extra mile to ensure that their homes remain hygienic.

Get best-in-class training that meets all state-specific requirements for private duty caregivers. Our innovative, blended approach to training for caregivers in the private sector is guaranteed to help your organization provide a higher standard of home care.

Residential Assisted Living Caregiver Staff Training

Our assisted living caregiver training helps your new hires to overcome the unique obstacles associated with assisted living facilities. When operating in a unique “home” environment with other seniors, the skillset required to run a care home effectively changes.

From dietary specialists to nurses, caregivers in this environment must develop an all-around knowledge of various subjects to fulfill the needs of residents.

Some examples of the modules your team will cover in our training courses include:

  • Medication Training for Caregivers – Daily medications for various conditions require care and attention to keep residents safe. Receive a complete course on how to manage medications within assisted living facilities.
  • Healthcare Laws – Different healthcare laws apply to formal assisted living facilities. Get the knowledge required to ensure your staff remains compliant with Federal and state laws.
  • Specialized Operating Systems – Spotting common conditions in the elderly, collaborating with other caregivers, and creating a system that prioritizes health and safety are essential components of making a care home work. Train your staff to feel at home in this new environment.

Assisted living caregiver training is crucial for even experienced caregivers switching to this working environment. With a gamut of laws, operations, and residents to negotiate, only Caregiverlist gives you the tools needed to create a team that delivers results.

Caregiver Staff Training and State Laws

The U.S. is unique in that laws are dictated by individual states rather than exclusively by a central government. This can be complicated for an agency in the caregiving business and lead to accidental breaches.

Avoid penalties and fines from your state government by making your team aware of state laws. Understanding state law compliance is even more critical if you operate within multiple states.

Caregiverlist is a training platform designed by those with decades of direct experience. By liaising with senior care professionals across the country, we have developed courses that match with state laws in all 50 states.

Therefore, every course is customized according to where you and your team are based to deliver up-to-date knowledge that protects your staff and the future of your organization.

State law compliance is at the heart of delivering modern care solutions. Eliminate the potential for compliance errors. Sign up for our state-specific class bundles now.

Benefits of Training Caregiver Staff

At Caregiverlist, we don’t believe training and recertification is a bothersome box-checking exercise. We look to provide real value to caregiver staff across the nation.

By taking advantage of our two-click enrollment, your staff has access to:


  • Modernized Training – Take caregiver training to the next level and get the latest knowledge to provide better care for seniors.
  • Career Advancement – New certifications, more knowledge, and new skills contribute to caregivers' career advancement. Caregiverlist provides the foundation for staff to advance in their chosen fields.
  • Support in the Workplace – Support your staff in the workplace through the intrinsic value of training and continuing caregiver development. Refresh and rejuvenate your team with updated classes and engaging courses.
  • Improve Hard and Soft Skills – Our courses focus not only on the core skills required of caregivers but on soft skills that help caregivers perform better in their roles.
  • Stress Management – Tackling stress and protecting mental health is vital for clients' caregivers. Our modules focus on managing stress and gaining brand-new perspectives through breaking the silos of being a full-time caregiver.

Ultimately, investing in training beyond the minimum standards is beneficial for providing a better service through your agency and supporting your staff in becoming more proficient at their jobs.

Training from Caregiverlist is an investment that pays off many times over, and it all starts by reaching out.

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World-class caregiver training can transform your organization and give your team the skills necessary to deliver the best quality care in your region.

It all starts with tailored training programs from Caregiverlist. Make the best investment you’ll make this year, and contact us now.

Caregiver Training University delivers the most modern caregiver training customized for professional caregivers working in the home. Includes online tools just for senior home care agencies that you won't find anywhere else - we've walked in your shoes and we get it!

"The Caregiver training information sections and reviews provide excellent information and most importantly, are easy for the caregivers to understand and use."  -Pamela Richardson, Administrator, Visiting Angels, Atlanta, Georgia

"The Caregiverlist system is easy-to-use and is always up-to-date with regulation requirements and age-related illness research progress. The Caregiverlist team is professional, easy-to-work-with and very responsive to any requests or needs." -Justin Haagen, Owner and Instructor, Safety Matters, California

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