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Lisa Sneddon Lisa Sneddon Founder & President, Senior Living Experts Lisa is the founder of Senior Living Experts,a free referral service that connects families and seniors with the best-in-class senior providers. Providers include retirement communities and assisted living facilities. Previous experience includes serving as the Director of Community Relations for Sunrise Assisted Living. Lisa has been the co-chair for the Chicago Memory Walk (Alzheimer’s Association) for the past three years. She also recently finished a program in Geriatric Assessment and serves on the board for the local chapter of the Illinois Continuity of Care.

Recent Questions Answered

How do we know its time for Assisted Living?

It may be a struggle to determine when exactly is the “best” time to move your loved one into an assisted living facility. While there is no perfect time or exact science, it is generally recommended ...Continue

How much does an Assisted Living Community cost?

Get Care $Cost$ Near U The cost of long-term care in Assisted Living Communities varies, depending on the services included. Keep in mind, the costs of various services can add up quickly, just...Continue

Does Medicare or Medicaid pay for assisted living?

Medicare DOES NOT pay for long term care. In some cases, Medicaid will. However you have to qualify to receive the benefits. In order to do so, you usually have to deplete all your assets. Not all fac...Continue

What happens when the money runs out?

Many assisted living communities do not take Medicaid as a form of payment, so if the money runs out while you are there, you will need to relocate to a facility (usually a nursing home) that does. So...Continue

Do I have to hire a caregiver once my parent moves into assisted living?

Technically, no. Most Assisted Living Communities have their own staff of caregivers that should be able to provide your loved one with the care they need. The cost is included in your monthly fees. S...Continue

What is the difference between Assisted Living and Independent Living?

Assisted Living is licensed by the state they are in and are subject to the rules and codes the state requires. They are subject to visits from the state and they are reviewed annually and fined if ...Continue

Can I find out if a community has received any violations?

It depends on the type of community.  Nursing homes are highly regulated and in many states, you can log onto their department of health website and read about any violations they may have had ...Continue

Are Assisted Living Communities government regulated?

While there are federal laws that impact assisted living, the primary oversight of assisted living occurs at the state level.  Each of the 50 states and DC regulate assisted living to some deg...Continue

How do I start an Assisted Living facility as a new small business?

Starting and running an assisted living facility is an enormous responsibility.  Before you start one, you might want to make sure you have searched your soul and decided that you want to do this be...Continue

Are there laws regarding a nurse, LPN or CNA, giving a gift to a resident in a nursing home?

While there usually are very strict rules about a resident giving a gift to an employee of the assisted living or nursing home I can't find anything about an employee giving a resident a gift. If yo...Continue

Can I become a Certified Assisted Living caregiver through training? Can you tell me where training is offered in my area?

Thank you for your inquiry.  This is a common question.  First of all, many assisted living communities do not require you to have a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) certificate.  Ho...Continue

Where do I find a list of substantiated complaints against an assisted living facility?

The important thing to remember is that each state regulates and monitors assisted living facilities, they are not federally regulated. You need to find the state licensing agency in your state and th...Continue

My mother is in a situation where I believe that an assistive living community might be best for her. Can I talk to someone about services and costs?

You may visit for more information on Assisted Living.Continue

My 99 yr old grandmother has been moved into Ridge Crest Nursing Center in Warrensburg, Mo. The only medical problem she has is bad vertigo. She was originally placed there because she had a bad scrape on her shin that wouldn't heal. She recovered from that and wants to go back to living on her own on a 180 acre farm. Her nearest son is 3.5 hours away and is in his seventies. Her granddaughter is 1.5 hrs away and I am in Texas. Would it cost more to have someone stay with her like "Visiting Angels"? What options are there for this situation? Thank you

Senior care options include senior home care provided by a professionally managed and licensed senior home care agency. Senior home care agencies must meet the guidelines of their state and protect y...Continue

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