Hire-Direct Senior Caregiver Fraud and Abuse Stories

Mr. and Mrs. Thompson whose caregivers kept quitting: this couple had been married for more than 50 years and still lived in the first home they had purchased. The wife had suffered a stroke and was in a wheelchair and the husband had memory loss.

One Caregiver had been hired to live with Mr. and Mrs. Thompson and a friend who was a former neighbor was managing the care services and paying the bills. However, she no longer lived in the neighborhood and had small children and was not able to visit daily. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson were not getting along with their caregiver and were continuing to have caregivers quit or walk out. This was causing their former neighbor her own family problems due to the continued need to rush over to provide care at the last minute and then to spend the time to find another replacement.

During the initial visit for the Client Assessment, it became apparent that parts of the challenges were due to the fact that there was too much work for one caregiver. The caregiver was expected to do the care management (manage doctor visits, medication refills, bill payment) and caregiving for two people who needed hands-on assistance for bathroom visits and bathing, along with meal preparation and eating assistance. The caregiver had no down-time to rest. There was also no bathroom door (it had been removed to allow for wheelchair access) and this was the bathroom the caregiver was expected to use (you could, and should, add a curtain for privacy in such instances).

This situation needed Care Management services to manage the groceries (you can set-up delivery in most cities through Peapod or a local grocery store), doctor’s visits and bill payment. A caregiver experienced in stroke rehabilitation was required, along with proper training for transfers. It was also necessary to provide for additional caregiver pay for this assignment and to shorten the length of shifts to eliminate burn-out. Caring for two people requires much more effort than caring for one and the care plan, schedule and pay must be adjusted accordingly.

This real-life story about inadequate senior care explains why it is important to only hire quality senior home care agencies to deliver senior care services.