Hire-Direct Senior Caregiver Fraud and Abuse Stories

Mrs. Allen, outliving everyone: This client’s care was managed by the law firm where her husband had been a partner. Before he died, he had arranged for one of the attorneys to be the trust officer for Mrs. Allen.

However, Mrs. Allen outlived the attorney who was assigned to be her trust officer. At age 96, her only surviving family members lived more than 600 miles away. She also spent all of the money in her trust. The law firm decided they would continue to pay for her care and they assigned a new attorney to be her trust officer. However, this attorney did not personally know her and because of this was not aware of all of her care needs.

In an effort to make her care as economical as possible, the attorney hired a direct-hire caregiver.

This caregiver was to be in charge of everything, from managing her household needs, to grocery shopping to providing care. The caregiver was given access to Mrs. Allen’s credit cards to pay for everything.

This caregiver decided a few more credit cards might be nice and opened more credit card accounts in the client’s name. The credit card bills went to the large law firm and their accounting department paid them.

Finally, the accounting department notified the trust officer that perhaps the bills were a little excessive. This is when the trust officer decided to call a senior home care agency to manage care services. It turned out the caregiver had opened up credit cards with Home Depot and a few department stores and was enjoying their own nice wardrobe and new appliances while Mrs. Allen was not enjoying a quality lifestyle nor receiving quality care. We started care services and immediately changed all of her bills to the law firm address. We set-up grocery delivery services, meal plans, a daily routine, exercises, activities (Mrs. Allen had enjoyed going to the theatre and participating in the activities of the senior center near her house but the caregiver had also neglected to assist her in this area). And, most of all, she said, she missed her daily afternoon martini, and with her doctor’s approval, we allowed her to enjoy this little luxury again.

This real-life story about inadequate senior care explains why it is important to only hire quality senior home care agencies to deliver senior care services.